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Reasons to Get a Chipped Window Fixed Right Away


Getting a chip in your car's windshield may seem like a minor annoyance, but it can become a huge pain if you don't get it fixed right away. Here are some reasons to get that chip taken care of.

Will get larger over time

Tiny chips in your windshield may not seem like a big deal and may not affect your vision in any way, but they shouldn't be ignored. Those chips actually weaken the glass and make it more susceptible to larger cracks. In fact, many small chips turn into large cracks over time. Once a chip grows too large to fix, the only remedy to get rid of the damage is to place the windshield, a process that is expensive and can require you to be without your vehicle for up to a day.

Easier and cheaper to fix

Small windshield chips are easy and cheap to fix. Most small chips can be fixed by being filled in with a special substance. This usually costs less than $50, and most glass repair places will come to your home or workplace to do the fix. You also can buy kits to do the work yourself. Also, something that most people don't know is that many auto insurance policies will pay for a chip repair without any deductible.

How to prevent chips

The best way to avoid fixing a chipped windshield is not to get one in the first place. You can help avoid chips by keeping your car in the garage as much as possible and also covering the windshield when the car is outside, especially when it is parked on a street. Also, avoid following other cars too closely, especially large trucks, which have a propensity to kick up rocks and other debris that is on the roadway.

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Choosing Assistance for a Windshield Replacement in Modesto, CA

windshield replacement

Something hit into your windshield and now it is shattered and your vehicle is useless to you until you get it fixed. You were not expecting to have your windshield broken, but suddenly you are dealing with a mess that you could not have foreseen. It is important for you to find the assistance that will help you through such a time as this, and you need to know how to pick out the windshield replacement Modesto, CA assistance that will be right for your vehicle.

Look for Trained Help for a Windshield Replacement Modesto, CA Job:

Training can help an individual who knows nothing about cars and windshields learn all that they need to know about changing out one windshield for another. When someone has been taught to deal with a car and to change out a windshield, such an individual can provide you with the help that you need for your car and its windshield issues.

Look for Experienced Help for a Windshield Replacement Modesto, CA Job:

When someone has worked at something for a long time and completed the same kind of job again and again, such an individual will be able to provide you with good assistance when it comes to that kind of a job. Look for the help that your car and its windshield need through someone who has experience and who will help you out in a qualified way.

Find the Right Assistance with a Windshield Repair in Modesto, CA:

There are different individuals out there who will each provide you with different care in regard to your vehicle. Know how to get the help fitting for your needs.


Choose the Right Windshield Replacement Modesto, CA


When you have a windshield that has chipped or is broken and you are looking to replace that, it is important for you to find someone who is going to take care of your needs and handle the work that you need to have done in a professional way. It is important for you to know where you can turn in order to get the help that you need to have done. You need to be careful in choosing the help that is right for you in regard to the windshield replacement needs that you have in Modesto, CA.

Choose Quality Help for Windshield Replacement Modesto, CA:

When you are looking to have a windshield replaced, you need to find someone who will keep your car in good shape as they are working for you. You need to find someone who will handle the work that you need to have done in a way that will improve your vehicle. Those that you rely on must handle things in a good way for you.

Choose Affordable Help for Windshield Replacement Modesto, CA:

When you are seeking out help for a replacement project that you have and that you would like to have completed, look for someone who will do things in a way that is affordable to you. Look for help in those who are going to handle the work that you would like to have completed without overcharging you.

Choose the Best Help for Your Windshield Replacement Needs:

Know all that you need to in regard to the help that is out there. Consider all of your options in regard to the windshield that you have that needs to be replaced. Find help in those who will do their work in a good way. Learn more about windshield replacement Modesto, CA come visit us at


Tips for Maintaining Your Replacement Windshield

        windshield repair

Having completed countless services for auto glass and windshield replacement Modesto, CA, we know just how infuriating it can be when you need to come back sooner than expected for yet another windshield replacement. While sometimes it can just be down to bad luck, there are times when proper can and maintenance of your windshield could help to avoid the need for regular replacements.

Whether you have just got a windshield replacement or simply want to avoid getting one in the first place, these tips for maintaining your current windshield can be a great way to help avoid any damage in the future.

Act Fast When You Spot a Crack or Chip

We get many customers coming through our doors looking for windshield replacements in Modesto, but sometime they may just be able to get away with a minor repair. The quicker you spot damage, the faster you can act on repairing it, which can be a much easier option than getting a full replacement.

More importantly though the damage can spread very quickly, even if it appears to be insignificant, which can create a dangerous environment within the car in the event of an auto accident. Passenger safety and structural integrity are all affected by the windshield, so always act fast.

Avoid Slamming Doors

Slamming a car door can seem perfectly harmless, but it can actually be the direct cause of a windshield finally breaking, especially if there is some minor damage that you didn’t see in the first place.

This doesn’t just apply to the door windows, but both windshields can easily shatter or crack with a strong enough slam of the car door. The strong vibrations created for this can result in visible damage, and it can also weaken the seal of the windshield over time too.

Regularly Replace Windshield Wiper Blades

So many customers that need a windshield replacement around Modesto don’t realise just how much damage can be caused by old wiper blades.

Combine this with an older windshield and you can really increase the rate at which it deteriorates. The dry climate here causes a lot of sand and debris to wear down the windshield over time and cause invisible cavities on the glass, and these can wear down the rubber blades.

Those with replacement windshields will want to maintain them for as long as possible, so always keep an eye on the age of your wiper blades to avoid unnecessary damage to your new windshield! They should be able to clearly wipe away rainfall without impairing visibility.