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Tips for Maintaining Your Replacement Windshield

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Having completed countless services for auto glass and windshield replacement Modesto, CA, we know just how infuriating it can be when you need to come back sooner than expected for yet another windshield replacement. While sometimes it can just be down to bad luck, there are times when proper can and maintenance of your windshield could help to avoid the need for regular replacements.

Whether you have just got a windshield replacement or simply want to avoid getting one in the first place, these tips for maintaining your current windshield can be a great way to help avoid any damage in the future.

Act Fast When You Spot a Crack or Chip

We get many customers coming through our doors looking for windshield replacements in Modesto, but sometime they may just be able to get away with a minor repair. The quicker you spot damage, the faster you can act on repairing it, which can be a much easier option than getting a full replacement.

More importantly though the damage can spread very quickly, even if it appears to be insignificant, which can create a dangerous environment within the car in the event of an auto accident. Passenger safety and structural integrity are all affected by the windshield, so always act fast.

Avoid Slamming Doors

Slamming a car door can seem perfectly harmless, but it can actually be the direct cause of a windshield finally breaking, especially if there is some minor damage that you didn’t see in the first place.

This doesn’t just apply to the door windows, but both windshields can easily shatter or crack with a strong enough slam of the car door. The strong vibrations created for this can result in visible damage, and it can also weaken the seal of the windshield over time too.

Regularly Replace Windshield Wiper Blades

So many customers that need a windshield replacement around Modesto don’t realise just how much damage can be caused by old wiper blades.

Combine this with an older windshield and you can really increase the rate at which it deteriorates. The dry climate here causes a lot of sand and debris to wear down the windshield over time and cause invisible cavities on the glass, and these can wear down the rubber blades.

Those with replacement windshields will want to maintain them for as long as possible, so always keep an eye on the age of your wiper blades to avoid unnecessary damage to your new windshield! They should be able to clearly wipe away rainfall without impairing visibility.