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Taking Care of Your Auto Glass


Taking care of your auto glass

Your car's windshield is important. Not only does it allow you to see out the front of your car, it also offers protection from debris or other things that could cause harm. That's why it's important to take care of your auto glass. Here are some tips to help you keep it in the best shape possible.


Don't follow too closely

One of the biggest risks to your windshield glass is small stones or other debris that get kicked up on the road by other vehicles. You can reduce the risk of damage from this road debris by making sure not to follow other vehicles too closely. Keeping a safe distance also cuts down on the risk that you will run into another car on the road.


Keep your vehicle in a garage

If possible, you should keep your car in a garage at all times to protect your windshield. If you have a garage at your home, keep your car in it whenever you aren't driving it. When you go places such as shopping or to work, park your car in covered parking whenever possible. Doing so protects your windshield from hail, wind-blown debris and other items that can cause damage. Keeping your car in a garage as much as possible also can help to keep it safe from extreme temperatures, which can weaken your auto glass and make it more prone to breakage.


Fix small dings right away

If you get a small pit or ding in your windshield, you should not ignore it. Instead, fix it right away. There are kits you can get to do it yourself, or many auto glass places will repair it for a small fee. Repairing small chips and dings right away helps prevent larger cracks that can require replacement of your windshield. Click on windshield replacement Modesto, CA for more source.