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Does this sound familiar?

Your kids are outside, it's a beautiful day. They are playing baseball, All American pastime right? Then you hear it, crash! Your plate glass window now has a baseball sized whole. What about, driving down the freeway, when from out of no where a stone, or a rock chips your windshield, sending a crack all the way to the other side. How about tripping in the living room, sending your coffee cup flying through the air, and into your china cabinet. All of these mean, you need glass.

Should you fix it yourself, or hire a professional?

Let's say, you decide to do it yourself. You take all the measurements, go to your local home center, and get your glass cut. First you have to be careful not to cut yourself, and handle it with care, till you get home. Then you have to make sure you have all the proper tools to take out the old glass, and install the new, including the proper silicone sealant. This is also including, that you did the proper measurement, and don't have to get another piece cut or the glass you did get, cut smaller to fit. The same goes for trying to install a new car windshield. This is not at all easy. Most times people break them while trying to install them. Just hire a professional that knows exactly what they are doing, how to measure, and how to install. It is a cost, well incurred.

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